Insect Life Cycle Modeling (ILCYM):
Predicting Pest distribution and Risk Potential global and regional distribution and abundance of agricultural and horticultural pests and associated biocontrol agents under current and future climates

Contributors: J. Kreuze, H. Gamarra, P. Carhuapoma, Kroschel, J., N. Mujica and M. Sporleder
Published by the International Potato Center in collaboration with the CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB)

Correct citation:
Kreuze, J., Gamarra, H., Carhuapoma, P., Kroschel, J., Mujica, N., and Sporleder, M. (2021) Insect Life Cycle Modeling (ILCYM): Predicting Pest distribution and Risk. Lima, Peru: International Potato Center.

Communications Department
International Potato Center (CIP)

CGIAR Research Program on Root, Tubers and Bananas
International Potato Center  (CIP)
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October 2021


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