Phaedrotoma scabriventris (Nixon 1955)

Biocontrol Agents Associated with Potato and Vegetable Pests


Opius scabriventris (Nixon 1955)
Opius (Opius) scabriventris (Nixon 1955)
Opius (Gastrosema) scabriventris (Nixon 1955)

Taxonomic position:

Hymenoptera, Braconidae (Opiinae)


N. Mujica, C. Valencia, P. Carhuapoma, & J. Kroschel Hosts


Phaedrotoma scabriventris parasitizes leafminer species (Diptera: Agromyzidae) of economic importance: Liriomyza huidobrensis Blanchard, L. brassicae Riley, L. sativae Blanchard, and L. trifolii (Burgess) in vegetables. P. scabriventris has also been recovered from leafminer flies of minor importance infesting wild plants as Calycomyza cruciata Valladares, C. humeralis Roser, C. lantanae Frick, C. malvae Burgess, C. verbenivora Spencer, Chromatomyia platensis Brethes, Haplopeodes cordobensis Valladares, H. lycivora Valladares, Haplopeodes spp., Liriomyza cesalpiniae Valladare, L. commelinae Frost, L. near to sabaziae, Phytomyza crassisseta Zetterstedt, and P. williamsoni Blanchard.